PFP, in conjunction with one of our Commercial Participating Members, PARADISE INC. (PI), is prepared to make an offer on a Resort in the Bahamas. We are extending the opportunity for all of our Members to get involved by simply saving through the Community. Whether your looking to gain wealth or save on a dream destination vacation, this is an amazing opportunity!

ASSET DESCRIPTION – This is a Boutique, Oceanfront Resort that is truly paradise. With only an hour flight from Florida, it’s the perfect cost-effective getaway that offers the following:

Resort Owned Fishing Charter
Water Sports (Jet Skis, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sailing)
Gorgeous Beachfront
All-Inclusive Meals and Spirits

MEMBERS VESTED INTEREST – PI is in search of 100 Members that have the ability to save $200.00 per month through PFP by purchasing 8 KeyChains monthly for a period of 5 years. Members who participate will own 48% of the Resort equally in addition to receiving 7% annually on their KeyChain purchases. (Note: Member may reserve more than just one slot)


7% annually on your KeyChain purchases
$3K per year for life, commencing on the 6th year, for each slot held
Member may cash in at any time, without penalty, and receive a 10% bonus for each year completed
30% discount on the cost of the vacation.

ONLY THE FIRST 100 SUN SEEKERS/ FISHING ENTHUSIASTS- This is a perfect destination for sun seekers who are looking to get away, as well as the fishing enthusiasts who want to take their sport to another level, for an experience you’ll want to repeat. A vacation of this nature, on average, would cost approximately $1,500/person/week minimum. The options below will determine the savings you will receive by simply participating. Member commits to saving a specific amount through the community by purchasing Key Chains and the discount for doing so is as follows:

Family Plan (5) – $1,000.00/mo in KeyChains, all family members in your family receive a 50% discount on their vacation. (Estimated savings for family of 5 is $3,750)
Couple – $500.00/mo in KeyChains receives 50% discount on vacation ($1,500)
Couple – $300.00/mo in KeyChains receives 40% discount on vacation ($1,200)
Couple – $200.00/mo in KeyChains receives 30% discount on vacation ($900)

(Please note: The member participating in any of the programs shown above only needs to commit what is equivalent to a 12 month total for thus the community will refund total amount after each calendar year to restart the saving, furthermore it is important to note that this is not a timeshare and the amount saved is refundable at any time for whatever reason, all members receive 7% annually on Key Chain Certificate purchases and in the event they need to cancel they will also receive a 10% bonus for each year participating.

Single Location

Multiple Locations