PFP, in conjunction with one of our Commercial Participating Members, is prepared to make an offer on a Multi-Family Property (160 Units). We are extending the opportunity to all of our Members to get involved, by simply saving through the Community. A Community Within Inc. (ACWI) presents the opportunity to participate, so whether you’re looking to gain wealth or save in a structured, yet good yield atmosphere, this is an amazing opportunity!

ASSET DESCRIPTION – A spectacular Multi-Family Complex that is a great starting point for a young person or a fantastic position for a family on the rebound, this ACWI Community offers the following to its Tenants/Members:

Fabulous School District
Up-To-Date Exercise Facility
Sparkling Community Pool
Clean, Spacious Units (1, 2, and 3 Bedroom)

MEMBER’S VESTED INTEREST – ACWI is in search of 100 Members that have the ability to save $300/month, through PFP, by purchasing 12 KeyChains monthly for a period of 5 years. Members who participate will own 48% of the Complex equally, in addition to receiving 7% annually on their KeyChain purchases. (Note: Member may reserve more than one slot).


7% annually on KeyChain purchases
Commencing on the 6th year, $3K per year for each slot held for life
Member may cash in at any time without penalty and receive a 10% bonus for each year completed
25% discount on the cost of monthly rent, if you are a tenant (refund on rent is issued after each year completed)
Build While You Live – This is a perfect destination for individuals or families that are trying to get ahead, thus our program is designed to increase their value by simply doing what they already do: paying for living expenses, while saving for the future. With our system, though, they are rewarded for it.

ONLY THE FIRST 80 TENANTS TO JOIN – ACWI is extending this offer to only the first 80 tenants. The tenants create a savings program inside the Community; what they save by purchasing KeyChains will determine how much they save on rent. (This community’s average rent is $675/month)

$250/month in KeyChains – Tenant receives a discount of 25% on their monthly rent
(based off the average, the tenant will save $2,025.00 per year on rent)

$200/month in KeyChains – Tenant receives a discount of 20% on monthly rent
(savings of $1,620.00 per year on rent)

$150/month in KeyChains – Tenant receives a discount of 15% on monthly rent amount
(savings of $1,215.00 per year on rent)

(Please Note: Vested Members may also be tenants)

(Additional Note: KeyChains may be cashed in and purchased again for each cycle, so only a total of $3,600 invested)

EXAMPLE: If the member saves $250 per month for 5 years along with the refund on rental savings they will have ($15,000.00 and $10,125.00 rental discount) $25,125.00 for which now they can buy their home through the PFP Community. 67.5% value increase.

Single Location

Multiple Locations