PFP, in conjunction with one of our Commercial Participating Members, GOLF SMART AMERICA, INC.(GSA), is prepared to make an offer on a Golf Course and Country Club in a metro Detroit suburb. We are extending the opportunity to all Members to get involved, by simply saving through the community. Whether you’re looking to gain wealth or save on greens fees, this is an outstanding opportunity.

MEMBER’S VESTED INTEREST- GSA is in search of 100 Members that have the ability to save $200.00 per month, through PFP, by purchasing 8 KeyChains monthly, for a period of 5 years. Members who participate will own 48% of the golf course equally, in addition to receiving 7% annually on their KeyChain purchases. (Note: Member may reserve more than one slot)


7% annually on your KeyChain purchases

$3K per year for life, commencing on the 6th year, for each slot held

Member may cash in at any time, without penalty, and receive a 10% bonus for each year completed

PLAYERS – ONLY THE FIRST 50 GOLFERS TO JOIN: For the Golfers in the region where the course is located, we offer an additional incentive. The greens fee for this picturesque and finely manicured golf course is $45 dollars, and golf can be quite expensive if you’re playing 3 times a week. On average the avid golfer hits the course at least 30 times per year, which in most cases can cost in upwards of $1,350. Purchase KeyChains, save, and earn:

Family Program – $500/mo in KeyChains – All members of your family receive a 50% discount on greens fees. (Estimated savings on green fee for 2 is $1,350)

Single Golfer – $250/mo in KeyChains – saves 50% discount on all greens fees (Estimated savings on greens fee is $675)

Single Golfer – $175.00/mo in KeyChains – saves 40% on greens fee

Single Golfer – $125.00/mo in KeyChains – saves 30% on greens fee

Please Note: Member only needs to put aside $200/mo for 12 months, then the full amount may be redeemed (cashed in) to start the next 12-month period. Member will receive 7% annually on the amount they commit to. In the event, for whatever reason, the Member needs to cash out, they may do so without penalty.

Single Location

Multiple Locations