The greatest challenge our Members face next to poor credit score, is saving enough money on their own for a down payment.
We customize a blueprint for each Member, so that they know how much they need to save each month and for how long, in order to reach their real estate, auto, college, business, or investment goals.
By making the predetermined payments to PFP from each paycheck, the Member is committing to saving by following their blueprint, proving capability to repay AND securing their place in the pipeline for funding (As soon as they make their final payment, they do not have to wait the traditional seasoning period, and can fund right away).

Example: Member does not have the full amount needed for down payment. They pay $800/mo in rent, and want to purchase a home at a payment of $1300/mo. Member sends the difference, $500/mo, for a predetermined (quoted) time period as a savings towards down payment and proof of capability of repayment. By demonstrating the capability to cover the full monthly amount it shows you can support the obligation. If at any time your decision to discontinue you can receive a full refund of all amounts purchased towards the Dreaming Program.

This can also be done for Auto and Business.

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Multiple Locations